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Sandy Road Vineyards



 A Treehouse Tasting Experience

The Treehouse was inspired by the belief that everyone deserves to slow down, relax, and enjoy an amazing glass of wine with friends. Overlooking the vineyard, you can experience an outdoor private seated wine tasting with the owners of Sandy Road Vineyards and learn about the unique terroir of the vineyard and the wines grown here.

We desire to create a deeply meaningful wine tasting experience that has the potential to become a special lifelong memory.

Stroll through the vineyard exploring the challenging terroir of our rocky hillside and learn about what it takes to grow award winning wine in Texas.

Our wine tasting experience is exclusively outdoors in the vineyard, which means you should be prepared for an amazing natural experience and all that comes with nature including the sun, wind, dirt, rocks and the occasional insect.

Our family believe that the best wines are grown sustainably in the vineyard with respect, harvested by hand, and produced in small lots with the individual attention of the winemaker. Our mission is to bring the highest quality farming and winemaking to Texas wines and to continuously help raise your expectations for fine Texas wine.

For more info, visit Sandy Road Vineyard’s website.

Why We Love to Visit

Unique treehouse setting overlooking vineyard
Private & intimate tastings with owners
100% Texas wines


Dry Menu

Our Favorites

2018 Mourvèdre
2018 Sangiovese
2018 Sangiovese Rosé

Original Cellar Rat, Winemaker & Certified Wine Sommelier (International Wine & Spirits Guild)

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