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The wines I’m making are approachable, versatile, drinkable dry reds. I want to make wine that appeals to the largest audience and can be shared with friends. 

These wines are not food dependent wines but also compliment a variety of dishes. Our favorites are Italian and Mexican food pairings. 

Clint Thomas

Our Wines

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94% Sangiovese
6% Petit Verdot
178 cases produced

Our love for Sangiovese continues with this flagship wine called El Raton.

94% Sangiovese from Phillips Family Vineyard makes the base for this easy drinker. The 6% Petit Verdot comes from La Pradera Vineyard and builds the mid palate body and lots of extra color.

Extra aging in neutral French oak barrels made this wine ready to drink with no need for any bottle aging.

The image on the front label is inspired by Lotería, a game I grew up playing, so it serves as an homage to my upbringing. And if you’ve ever played Lotería you might recognize the pinto bean markers on the back.

Our easy-drinking El Raton pairs well with a multitude of foods from pasta and pizza to the more casual cheese and meat board. We find it pairs best with a puzzle.

El Raton


We got a little crazy with these unique blends but, they both stay true to our love of easy-drinking reds. Porch pounders, if you will. Perfect pairing with pizza, pastas, popcorn and BBQ. In the hotter months, a slight chill will make these refreshing and smooth drinking.

2019 Estoy Aqui blend:

60% Mourvédre + 20% Zinfandel from the Timmons Family Estate + 20% Syrah from Hoss Fly Vineyards

170 cases produced

2019 Poco Loco blend:

40% Sangiovese from Alta Loma Vineyards + 40% Merlot from Paka Vineyard + 20% Zinfandel from the Timmons Family Estate

170 cases produced


2019 Estoy Aqui
2019 Poco Loco

2018 Poco Loco

50% Sangiovese
25% Counoise
25% Cinsault
95 cases produced

You might call us a little crazy but we think being a little crazy is a beautiful thing!

The latest Cellar Rat red blend – POCO LOCO – is ready for your glass. It’s another easy-drinking red blend that pairs perfectly with your favorite tacos or Tex Mex dish.

Like all Cellar Rat wine, POCO LOCO is made with 100% Texas fruit. It’s a blend of 50% Sangiovese from Alta Loma Vineyards + 25% Counoise + 25% Cinsault, both from Farmhouse Vineyards. This blend of grapes is not very common, which is why it may seem a little crazy.

What we’ve created is a blend that is fruit-driven, great with and without food, dry, drinkable red.

cellar_rat_poco loco

2019 Sassquatch Pink

45% Grenache
55% Counoise
44 cases produced

This rosé is a blend of 45% Grenache  from La Pradera Vineyards and 55% Counoise grown by Farmhouse Vineyards. 10% of the Counoise was aged in a concrete egg housed at Lost Draw Cellars.

What we enjoy about the Sassquatch Pink are the red qualities along with the acid and fruit combo that makes this wine oh so fresh. The name Sassquatch Pink comes from a nickname we have for our winemaker, Clint, because, well, he’s really sassy some times.

Think light when pairing this — shrimp cocktail, ceviche, crawfish boil, fruit & veggies, light cheese like havarti, brie or Swiss. Best served real cold on a hot day!

Cellar Rat Sassquatch Pink

2017 Sangiovese

100% Sangiovese
196 cases produced

The 2017 Sangiovese comes from the Letkeman Family Vineyards in Gaines County, Texas. Andrew Sides from Lost Draw Cellars helped me with the acquisition of these grapes.

This wine was aged in neutral French Oak for 16 months and is made for pizza. Don’t worry all 3 of you pizza haters out there because, it’s amazing with spaghetti and meatballs too. Really anything red and Italian is gonna go well with this Sangiovese. It pairs well with just a glass too. Throw the cork away cause you’re not gonna need it after you open this beauty.

2017 Cellar Rat Sangiovese

2017 Estoy Aqui

66% Primitivo
34% Sangiovese
144 cases produced

The primitivo came from Narra Vineyards in Terry County and the Sangiovese is from the Letkeman Family Vineyards in Gaines County. This sexy blend was inspired by Benjamin Calais when he showed me a 2011 blend of the same grapes. Also aged in neutral French Oak for 16 months, the Estoy Aqui brings a fruit bomb straight to your mouth. Pairs excellent with smoky bbq and fishing stories.

cellar_rat_2017_estoy aqui

Recent reviews from

our favorite wine snobs

Great date night wine

Great date night wine! Easy drinker to enjoy while cooking and pairs perfectly with lasagna or your favorite pasta dish.

Lydia Nida Partner Vine to Vino Consulting, Master of Science in Viticulture & Enology

Palate pleasing approach-ability

Cellar Rat wines expertly achieve palate pleasing approach-ability without jeopardizing complexity. The blend balances nuanced notes of ripe raspberry, vanilla cream and violets with the rich mouthfeel you would expect from zinfandel. This is a wine made not only for Texas cuisine, but for warm evenings and long Hill Country sunsets.

Jennifer Beckmann, CWE Certified Wine Educator & Certified Sommelier

Open it, chill it and enjoy

Open it, chill it and enjoy. This is a really pleasant summer red, that will pair beautifully with summer picnics and bbqs. Bright acidity with fine tannins and delicate, but sweet red berries across the length of the wine makes this a perfect chillable red.

Daniel Kelada Vice President Vinovium Partners

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