Get the Most out of Texas Wine Month

The temps are finally dropping and harvest is wrapping up. In our world, that means it’s time to celebrate! And in true wine-industry fashion, we don’t celebrate for just one day; we extend the celebration all month long. 
Here are some guides, tip and tricks to get the most out of October, aka Texas Wine Month. 
🍷 Ways to Celebrate Texas Wine Month in Fredericksburg
💪 How to Get Ready for a Wine Tour 


☝️ What to Ask While Tasting

Many wineries will share their story during your tasting. This should include their history and approach to winemaking/winemaking practices. 

If they don’t, ask! Here are some other questions to keep the conversation flowing with your server:

  • What’s your server’s background?
  • What’s the winemaking philosophy here?
  • What types of grapes are in this wine?
  • Where did these grapes come from? 
  • How long did this wine age? 
  • How was it aged?
  • When should I drink this wine if I buy some to take home?
  • Will this wine last 5+ years if I store it properly? Or should I drink it sooner? 
  • Can you ship to my state? 
  • Can you tell me more about your wine club and special events? 


🤘 How to Get the Most out of Your Winery Time
Determine your vibe: Listen & Learn or Taste & Talk

What kind of group are you? Serious about wine? Serious about having fun? Maybe a little of both? 

What do you want to get out of your time there? Are you there to discover new wines? Do you want to learn about the winery and how the wines were made? Are you there to simply escape reality and have a good time with your crew?

All of the above is welcome! However, unspoken expectations mean you might not get what you’re looking for. 

If you’ve seen the movie Wine Country you may remember the wine tasting scene where the server is ignored and the ladies do whatever they want during her presentation. A “Don’t Walk in the Vineyard” sign and instructions are taken as a joke while they hang by the vines. Hilarious right?! Well, sort of. 

A frustrated server is no fun but the solution is easy = Speak Up! Let your server know what you’re looking for as soon as you meet them.

Listen, servers don’t mind letting you have free rein on conversation amongst your group while you’re tasting. Just tell them!  

It’s ok if you aren’t interested in hearing a 10 minute monologue about each wine you’re poured. Just be upfront with your server about why you’re there. If you’re simply there to taste wine and spend quality time with the ones you came with, let them know. That way they can better serve you and meet your expectations. 

Just remember, spoken expectations are easier met. 


Original Cellar Rat, Winemaker & Certified Wine Sommelier (International Wine & Spirits Guild)

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