What To Do & Not To Do

    • Sober Up: One of the best ways to maximize your experience is simple – DON’T BE HUNGOVER. We know, we know! That’s hard while on vacation but trust us, a hangover will ruin your experience. The struggle bus is not a fun ride.  


    • Hydrate and Fill Your Belly: When you have a full day of wine tasting ahead of you, it’s best to start with water and something on your stomach. Here are a few of our favorite local spots to get charged up. Once you start touring, we recommend a one-to-one cadence: 1 bottle of water after 1 complete wine tasting. That should help keep you alert and refreshed, especially with high summer temps. 


    • How Low Can You Go: Leave the high heels at home. Think of the wineries as farms. Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to walk and stand in. Plus, most places in the Fredericksburg area are casual so you’ll fit right in. 


    • Layer Up: There can be a big temperature difference between the winery exterior and interior spaces so wearing layers or bringing a light jacket can come in handy if you’re sensitive to a cranked up A/C. 


    • Gratuity: Your Guide and servers appreciate it and frankly, everyone in the service industry could use it. If you receive a level of service and experience that meets or exceeds your expectations, show your appreciation through gratuity. If you can’t extend a monetary reward, a positive online review can go a long way. 


    • Open Your Mind: Wine tasting is just that – a tasting. It’s not called Wine Loving for a reason. You might not love everything but, how else would you know if you like it until you try it? We recommend getting outside of your comfort zone and into an open state of mind willing to try new things. 

Original Cellar Rat, Winemaker & Certified Wine Sommelier (International Wine & Spirits Guild)

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