Hye Market - Cellar Rat Wine Tours
Hye Market - Cellar Rat Wine Tours
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Hye Market - Cellar Rat Wine Tours

Hye Market


Rich in history & flavor

The Hye Market Restaurant, Farms, Event Center & Tasting Room is located in the historic Hye Post Office. You’ll find a selection of sourced verified local meats & produce, Texas-only wine and handcrafted Texas brews.

As our world continues to move faster everyday, Hye keeps up with the growing trends but stays true to Texas brands and traditions. We take pride to hand select locally sourced verified products when available. We work hard to create new menu items from our locally sourced vendors. Our goal is for you to leave Hye Market tasting a food, beer or wine that you have never tasted before so you can enjoy the experience with your friends and family.

Quality & creating an experience and timeless traditions are at the Market. Hye, Texas is a place to slow down and enjoy what might have been left in the past.

For more info and the most current menu, visit Hye Market’s website.

Why We Love to Visit

Scratch kitchen led by the talented Chef Church
Unique environment with sincere hospitality
Healthy lunch options like the yummy Miss Karen
Decadent and savory dishes like the Pork Belly Sandwich or the Market Italian
Texas wines

Tour coordinator and event planner.