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Joey Yonke

Jack Of All Trades

I’m originally from the East Coast. Brought here by the Army, and never left. I worked the Austin Festival Circuit for a decade plus: ACLMF, SXSW, FFFF, Pachanga Fest to name a few: Load In, Load Out; Vendor Management and ultimately selling a butt tonne of booze, I did it all there with a great crew of folks.

I left Austin for the ‘Burg in late 2011 and Immediately fell in love with the “Wine Biz,” and also Clint Thomas, our OG Cellar Rat.

Since being here I’ve planted, picked, pressed, punched (down), bottled and of course poured wine. I’ve done everything but the actual chemistry. Now I drive for two of the best rated tour businesses out here, and love every minute of it!

All this and it’s only my side hustle! I’ve had a professional career in Telecom for more than 20 years, but what I really enjoy is getting away from my desk and sharing the relationships I’ve made since moving to this lovely town and all the wonderful wine being made here.